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Thank God it’s Monday!

Monday Office is designed to make you excited about it. So we do everything to stop you from dreading Mondays. From an engaged community that will make you excited to come into work, to fresh croissants and fruits in the mornings to start your day on a positive note – we’re here to remind you that you can do anything you set your mind on doing. Not into Monday morning chats? No worries – you can always stay in your private space to avoid any unnecessary contact and enjoy the peak of your productivity.


Whether you find your inspiration in conversations with like-minded members of your community, beautifully decorated interior, breathtaking views, or perhaps the smell of freshly ground coffee, it’s all here at Monday Office. With staff always ready to meet, greet, and help, you’ll always have an inspiring and positive work environment that will help you get things done, not distract from business.


We know how crucial your reputation is for you. Likewise, we also understand that the office can make or break one. We designed Monday Office to boost yours, so our community is always carefully curated. We are here to make sure you’re surrounded by people that inspire you to achieve more, so we invest in relationships rather than foosball tables.


Having an enclosed office where you can focus on doing business is crucial. That’s why at Monday Office, we’ve eliminated any errands that you would typically need to run. With our attentive staff always ready to take care of any issues, both you and your clients will always enjoy a positive experience. Just let us know about your needs, and we’ll be happy to fulfill them.


Things change. Sometimes, much faster than we’d expected. But Monday Office is here to support you during challenging times, so there’s no way we’d ask you to sign your life away. We’re always ready to talk and find an agreement that works best for you and your company, and it might just be so that flexibility is our favorite word. And did we mention that absolutely no hidden fees are applied? Monday Office is all-inclusive, so no cheeky surprises, ever.

"Monday Office – your new favorite boutique office hotel that will make your Mondays as exciting and productive as ever."

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